Welcome to Dundee Autism Support Hub

Dundee Autism Support Hub (DASH) was established 5th May 2017 to bridge the gap in pre and post diagnostic services for anyone affected by Autism in Dundee and surrounding areas.

In 2019, DASH relocated to share activity space with Spectrum at Craig Halls and scaled back service provision. Events are likely to be rescheduled or postponed at short notice, so please check the Events calendar regularly for updates.


To provide emotional and practical support and guidance to anyone affected by Autism in Dundee and surrounding areas..


  • To provide support and empower any individual within Dundee who has a diagnosis of Autism and those who care/support them to access quality activities and services to promote physical, mental wellbeing, health, equality and diversity.
  • To provide a safe environment/facility for service users of DASH to have the opportunity to socialise and have fun with bringing individuals together who can share common interests, capabilities and offering opportunities to explore interest and transition from child to adulthood.
  • To support, raise awareness, tolerance and acceptance of Autism in Dundee and surrounding areas.

DASH will partner with local and national voluntary organisations as well as Dundee Council, NHS Tayside and local private enterprises to provide a range of programs and support. DASH users will also be engaged on a regular basis and asked to contribute requirements and ideas for review.

Ultimately DASH aims to provide a consolidated approach to autism support for Dundee and surrounding areas, ensuring that no autistic adult or child or their family are left without access to regular and consistent activities/events/programs, as well as local information relating to education, welfare and other local support organisations.